Spices and Sweets in Istanbul

Ever since the world has been discovered, trades and barters of spices and sweets have become common practice. Turkey has set a great common ground for these elements and ingredients and has been known to create among the world's greatest exquisite cuisines using local spices and sweets. This alone made Turkey a very important target for travel by camel caravans who travelled the Silk Road for goods and spices.

Now globally known to be among the world's capital for spices and sweets, Turkey has established a good name in the global markets. Just among the world's famous spices that help set the trend in cuisine cooking are oregano, hot red pepper flakes, mint, yenibahar, cumin, sumac, sesame seeds, paprika, and nigella seeds. After a good hearty meal on these spices, Turkish sweets would be in order. Among Turkish sweet delights that have brought friendship and romance across borders are baklava, kaymakli kayisi, salep dondurma, asure, tavukgogsu, kesme dondurma, gelincik ┼čerbet, osmanli macunu, and kunafe. These sweets play the ingredients of colored sugar, buffalo milk, goat milk, pistachio, omegranate, pistachio, rose, saffron, and coconut for flavoring.

When in Turkey, try out these delicious foods and experience the local cuisine to fully enjoy your stay in Turkey. Make your vacation worthwhile.

Spices & Sweets Shops in Istanbul