Food and Beverage in Istanbul

Turkey is known to the world with its great spices and herbs. It is because of this that the world has seen Turkey as one of those countries where you can experience great food and cuisine. Local dishes simply burst with so much goodness any tourist should not miss tasting it for a full enjoyment of their vacation.

When in Turkey, don't miss out eating on their local street food and fine dining cuisine. Pair it with the country's local beverage. While most of Turkish foods do not contain fresh fruits, you get to experience a variety of flavors through its use of dried ingredients on majority of its cooking. If you have been researching your whole life on how others who have been to Turkey already found the local food, you'll probably read only good reviews. In fact, most of it would say the texture and taste of Turkish cuisine is unparalleled.

Try on the following foods and beverage when in Turkey:

1. Ezogelin soup and mantı – a minty soup and dumpling
2. Kadın budu köfte – also known as lady's thigh meat balls where the ingredient yebinhar if the primary ingredient used
3. Gelincik şerbet – one of the country's most popular drinks in Turkey. Specifically ask for the "birth sherbet" or locally known as lohusa şerbeti. It has a crimson color and flavorful of herbs.

Food & Beverage in Istanbul